Best Incontinence Blogs

I am just starting to flesh out this blog and I thought it would be beneficial for myself and for my readers to look at other incontinence blogs so we can learn from people that have been dealing with incontinence for years. These are in no particular order; they are all helpful in different ways.


Diaper Dad

Diaper Dad is a blog run by a father who wears diapers to deal with his incontinence and to stay active in his day-to-day life. He often posts about the stigma of talking about incontinence and diapers and how that affects his life. I would recommend this blog for people that are still active and want to learn about how to deal with their incontinence socially as well as learn some practical tips (like bring premium or overnight diapers when you’re traveling). Many people don’t want to talk about it ever, but accidents happen and sometimes it is unavoidable.


Take a Stand for Incontinence

This blog is mostly made up of personal stories about how incontinence has affected the writer’s life. It explores the stigma attached to wearing diapers and how she has to overcome it every day. I would recommend reading this blog if you are looking for someone to relate to – a lot of the problems that she experiences are common among incontinent people.


My Confident Life

Incontinence can be caused by a number of conditions. Understanding what causes your incontinence is important because sometimes, it can be treated with medication or physical therapy, reducing or even eliminating the need to wear incontinence products. This blog is informative, so I would recommend it to anyone trying to learn more about the causes and treatment of incontinence.

Top 5 Incontinence Brands

This list is based on the quality of the brand’s products, not their popularity. Each brand has advantages and disadvantages, so don’t just pick the first one. Finding the right product for you can be confusing. If you have any questions, call 855-881-2196.


Tranquility Logo

Tranquility has a overnight diaper, Tranquility ATN, that is able to absorb 45 ounces. All of their products are able to absorb fluid long after their competitor’s products are full. They are a little bulkier, so they aren’t very discreet under your clothes, but the extra absorbency will keep you dry for a long while.


MoliCare Logo

MoliCare products contain curly fiber, which wicks away fluid and changes it to a skin-friendly pH. They have options that are discreet like the MoliPants + MoliForm combination, but also have extremely absorbent diapers.


Prevail Logo

Prevail is what I usually recommend to our customers because their products are affordable and are relied upon in long term care facilities, where incontinence is usually much worse than it is for people at home. The new 360 degree briefs are very impressive. They are designed for comfort, but are also able to absorb more than most briefs.


Tena Logo

Tena is famous for their pads, which you can buy in almost any grocery store. They also have a line of diapers and underwear that are designed for heavy incontinence. Their Blue Target Absorption Zone provides extra protection at the core. However, Tena is a recognizable brand name and is not discreetly packaged.


Dignity Logo

Dignity’s new line of diapers and underwear is not on the market yet, but Hartmann (who owns MoliCare and Dignity) has told us that the new line of briefs and underwear will feature curly fiber technology, which is what makes the MoliCare perform so well. We are looking forward to their release this summer – they should be a very affordable product that absorbs well and takes care of your skin.


Managing Incontinence without Diapers

Adult Diapers and Disposable Underwear do a great job of making incontinence easier todeal with, but stopping the problem from occurring is obviously preferable. Talk to Your DoctorHowever,incontinence can be caused by a number of conditions, so some of these tips may not apply to you. Talk to your Doctor about what is causing your incontinence to find out if it is curable and to learn more about how to manage it.

Talking to your doctor about what is causing your incontinence should be the first step when you start having accidents. They will make suggestions for your treatment based on what’s causing your incontinence.

Your Doctor may recommend:

1. Exercises

Exercises to strengthen muscles involved in urination. If your Doctor says you have weak pelvic floor muscles, try kegel exercises. You can learn how to do them here. This is commonly used to manage incontinence from pregnancy.

2. Medication

Different medicines to control incontinence. Your Doctor may give you medication to stop urinary incontinence or, if you suffer from bowel incontinence, to firm up your stool.


Prevent accidents by following these simple rules:

3. Cut back on Liquids

Try not to drink liquids before leaving the house or late at night. Drink less caffeinated beverages, which increase urination.

4. Set a Schedule

Go to the bathroom every few hours, even if you don’t have the urge.

5. Don’t Wait

Go to the bathroom at the first urge.

If the condition causing your incontinence is curable, follow your Doctor’s advice to the letter. If not, find the best absorbent products for your needs. Practice cleanliness and make the effort to always use quality skin care products to avoid skin breakdown.